这是2018年9月刊《CQ》杂志中的一篇小报道, 简短介绍了James Lea(WX4TV)的两位小姑娘参加CQWW WPX SSB比赛的事。 译文如下。   然后,俺又八卦了一下这一家子&#.. 阅读更多

KN990 – A new transceiver made by BA6BF

  Recently,A new all mode HF DIY transceiver KN990 made by BA6BF is published, KN990 has many new features, especially Real time spectrum and IF DSP。 As a surprise,this transceiver provide 2 video games!  It maybe the best video game station in amateur kits, or the best amateur kit in video games。     Here‘s abstract information:    Real time spectrum is very useful for finding signals in the .. 阅读更多


  BA6BF时老师放大招, 今年开发制作了这款新机子:KN990, 简称“坑你久久地”。 这是一款数字中频DSP+实时频谱显示的业余短波收发信机, 此外,它&#214.. 阅读更多

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