Recently,A new all mode HF DIY transceiver KN990 made by BA6BF is published,

KN990 has many new features,

especially Real time spectrum and IF DSP

As a surprise,this transceiver provide 2 video games! 

It maybe the best video game station in amateur kits,

or the best amateur kit in video games。



Here‘s abstract information: 


Real time spectrum is very useful for finding signals in the band,

it’s scope 150KHz,

refresh rate up to 30 frame in one second!

I like it very much ,because shoot DX signals is an easy job from now on。



KN990  designed with  IF DSP,

similar to Yaesu FT891,IF span & IF shift are adjustment easy,

and easier to use and more intuitionistic than FT891。




MW and FM radio 、VHF bands are additional present,as BA6BF said,

besides HF band,the performance is not guaranteed,

because of no customized filters for these given bands。









When I was testing KN990 for the first time,

4F3OM was calling CQ on 14.015MHz, 

I respond him immediately,thus completed the first QSO use KN990。

my KN990 emitted 15watt RF power , 4F3OM gave me 599 report。




KN990 support Chinese and English language。

All the operation are easy and directly。

The firmware can be updated by USB cable very handy。



Two video games installed in KN990,

it support most game handles which link by USB interface。

More video games will be installed,said by BA6BF。





There are plenty of space in the kit,

I DIY a battery pack and place it between the two PCB,

six 18650 batteries are exactly right in it。

The battery bank can supply 6Ah @12V energy for almost half day outdoor QSO。